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June 29, 2011

Back to the Mia Farrow Haircut

I had to cut it.  She sweats so much!  I think it makes her look sassy.


June 15, 2011

Website is Live

My site is live now.  So much more I need to do with it, but the foundation is there and that was the biggest hurdle.  Check it out:

I couldn’t post this without a photo.  Irrelevant, but something I captured today- her new sandals- SIZE 2.  The shoebox is so small- just enough to hold 4 small cupcakes or two tiny shoes 🙂

June 13, 2011

First Time Exploring a Garden

The weather called for rain yesterday, but instead brought beautiful light.  It was a magnificent day that gave my daughter a chance to explore her auntie’s gardens. She touched her first rose, lavender, and pine needles…AND she ate her first mulberries.


June 10, 2011

Website Coming Soon…

I’ve been working on my website and hope to launch it soon.

In the meantime, here are some cute photos of my daughter stalking my cat…

This photo's quality isn't the best, but really tells the story of how much she goes after him. RUN, Pooh, RUUUN!

June 3, 2011

What’s new?

May was a busy month, both personally and professionally. I’ve been photographing my daughter as obsessively as I usually do, but haven’t had time to edit them for this blog.  I have done a couple of other baby shoots this month and was going to post those pics, but realized that for now I would like to keep this blog about my personal photography.  I will save those images for my website and facebook page- both SOON TO COME.  Whenever I can grab some extra time I hope to get those up and running.  Does anyone have extra time that I may borrow?