Spontaneous Irises

When I moved into the house that I currently live in, there were these random irises planted haphazardly on the property.  I gathered them up and replanted them in an organized way along our driveway.  Oh, a side note- along our driveway there used to be grass.  One morning while my husband was sleeping I had my usual excess of energy that I had to work out, so I tore up all the grass hoping to do something more creative with it.  Don’t be impressed.  The square footage was maybe 60.  So I planted the irises there. At first they looked like headstones because the leaves are straight up and flat.  The next season they grew into mini iris bushes and now they almost take over the entire area.  They’re beautiful.  When I see them I just can’t help myself but to grab my camera, settle down in the dirt, and shoot away.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t stop thinking about it.


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